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This highly versatile multi-use pump works for inflation and liquid transfer. It includes an intake and discharge transfer system that makes the pump ideal for oil changes and siphoning gasoline. It also works as an air pump for inflation of toys, air mattresses and more. Come and have a try.

Use to transfer liquids, remove water, change oil and siphon gas.
Quickly and easily transfer any fluid.
Intake and discharge transfer system.
Safely transfer harmful liquids.
Multi-use siphon pump to transfer most liquids and pumps air for inflatables (sports balls, bech toys) siphon gas, oil, etc.
Pumps air or any liquid.

Item Type: Inflatable Pump
Item Name: Siphon Pump 
Color: Red
Material: Plastic
Sucker Pump Capacity: 200cc
Pump Size: Approx. 23 * 4.6cm / 9.1 * 1.8in
Pump Weight: Approx. 146g / 5.2oz
Hose Length: Approx. 130cm / 51.2in 
Air Pressure Hose Length: Approx. 40cm / 15.7in
Dipstick Tube Length: Approx. 123cm / 48.4in 
Package Size: Approx. 24 * 27 * 8cm / 9.5 * 10.6 * 3.2in
Package Weight: Approx. 570g / 20.1oz 

Package List:
1 * Siphon Pump
1 * Dipstick Tube
1 * Air Pressure Hose
1 * Valve Stem Connector
1 * Misc Connector for Pool Toys
2 * Water Tight Connectors
2 * Red Hose

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