KKmoon Mini Sandblasting Airbrush Sandblaster Spray Model Air Brush Kit for Art Painting Manicure Metal Etching Glass Engraving/Hand-cut Single Action Gravity Feed 0.5mm Spray Gun

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UPC :  713893226142

This professional air eraser is widely used for metal etching, glass engraving/hand-cut, model making, cake decorating, tattoos, nail art, etc. It's connected with the pump, whose spraying materials is emery, spraying on surface of metal or glass. Can be used for metal surface etching, glass surface hand-cut, and so on. Perfect for artwork, nail art beauty, body art, design painting, model painting, cake decoration, craft, models and fine art such as car painting illustration, textile and t-shirt painting.

Suitable for airbrush dia 0.5mm.
With elegant design and mini size.
Wide range of applications: metal etching, glass engraving/hand-cut, model making, cake decorations, draw the outline of camouflage,nail art, etc.
Single action trigger design saves raw materials and durable. 
Widely used by the general model enthusiasts.
Exquisite atomization effects and fine lines with this airbrush.

Brand: KKmoon
Color: Silver + Blue
Material: Aluminum + Copper + Plastic
Feed Type: Gravity Feed
Switching Mode: Single Action
Nozzle Diameter: 0.5mm / 0.019in
Fluid Cup Capacity: 15cc / 0.91cu in
AirHose: 1.8m / 5.9ft
WorkingPressure: 30-65psi
Item Size: Approx. 14 * 3 * 9cm / 5.8 * 1.1 * 3.3in
Item Weight: Approx. 96.8g / 3.4oz
Package Size: Approx. 24 * 18 * 4.3cm / 9.4 * 7.1 * 1.7in
Package Weight: Approx. 535.4g / 18.9oz

How to spray: 
1.Fill fluid in the cup after thinning appropriately. 
2.Hold the airbrush lightly in your hand 
3.By pressing the main lever, a stream of air emerges. Then draw it backward gradually for color atomization. 
4.The spray pattern is in accordance with the distance between a work surface and a air brush. 
5.For fine line spray, remove the needle cover and hold the air brush near a work surface. 

1.Empty the fluid cup and wash with water or solvent by a brush. 
2.Refillcup with water or solvent, then block the needle cover with a finger and spray. 
3.The air flows backward into nozzle to clean the paints remained the airbrush. 

Package List:
1 * 0.5mm Airbrush 
1 * Gauze Mask
1 * Emery
1 * Hook
1 * Air Hose
1 * User Manual
1 * Storage Case for Airbrush Kit

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