KKmoon 14.37 inch Shotgun Microphone

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Detail Information
Brand Name: KKmoon
UPC: 693595778319

Technical specifications:
Energy Exchange: Condenser
Power supply: DC1.5V
Sensitivity: -45dB for short-range, -38dB for remote
Directional: Uni-Ultraright
Frequency response: 100-16035Hz
Output Impedance: 1000 Ohm for short range; 2300 Ohm for remote

Turn on. Slide the switch to "TELE" for short-distance application or "Normal" for remote application
Insert the batteries correctly according to the '+' '-' on the microphone battery cover marked polarities. Connect the audio frequency output cable and the cap anti-wind foam

The package includes:
Anti-wind foam cap
Two microphone stands
Directional microphone (14.37in / 36.5cm long / metal case)
Stereo 0.25 inch (6.35mm) jack to Mini 0.14in (3.5mm) jack adapter
Cable: 26.05ft (8m) 0.25 inch (6.35mm) jack - XLR cable
Storage Box (Black)
English Operating instructions

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