Portable USB Programmable Compatible Magnetic Card Reader Stripe Bidirectional Swipe


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This mini 3-track magnetic card reader features USB interface, plug and play, which can read card bi-directionally, free to choose data with or without enter key and has intelligent lights to alert if card data read correctly.

*Bi-direction card reading, high capacity program design, high card reading ability.
*Can customize characters of tract start, end, enter by PC software.
*Adopting arm suspension type magnetic head assembly method enables machine with soft elasticity and good hand feel.
*Specific integrated circuits guarantee AMP 15% of the card can work properly.
*Precise electric circuit disposition can read high magnetic card at 4000Oe completely.

Track standard: Comply with ISO7811
Decoding method: F2F (FM)
Starting character: Track1 “%”  Track2 “?”  Track 3 “+”
Card reading data bit: Track1 79characters(7-bit); Track2 40characters(5-bit); Track3 107characters(5-bit)
Card thickness: 0.2~0.84 mm
Track reading width: 1.5mm
Magstripe passing speed: 15 ­ 120 cm/sec (6-50inch/sec)
Magnetic head life span: More than 800,000 passes
Error rate: Lower than 0.5%

PC Software Downoad URL:

Package Information:
Package Size: Approx. 5.51*2.68*1.61in / 14*6.8*4.1cm
Package Weight: Approx. 3.86oz / 110g

Package List:
1 * USB Magnetic Card Reader

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