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Detail Information
Brand: KKmoon
EAN: 6907890290099​


The tester will automatically detect the remote end matcher (ID) or local port (L) cable and displays when the remote end of the cable is not inserted into the remote end matcher (ID) or if the cable is not inserted into the local port (L) in local test.
The network cable tester immediately check your LAN cable wiring for proper continuity, shorts and pair integrity. The test results are displayed digitally via its LCD and it immediately shows the exact configuration of the cable.
It performs line test without the external adapter.
With single-board computer software watchdog design and reliable operation.
This includes wide range of applications such as cable termination sequence, length, user jumper or crossfire, cable continuity, and any other idle, short circuit, jumper, or crosstalk.

Efficient, effective, reliable, easy and safe to use.
A person is enough to complete cable continuity testing and cable sequence.
Indicates pair integrity of the cable.
Measure the length and couple with or without remote recognition.
Locates the wiring or connection errors.
Measures the length of the cable and the gap between the open circuit and the short circuit.
Allows you to check wiring errors in 5E / 6E twisted cord, coaxial cable and telephone line.
Applicable to open circuit, short circuit, wire bridge, polarity reversal, or crosstalk. Dynamically calibrated cable length and make length measurement as accurate as 97%.
Portable device with long battery life (waiting time or standby mode for more than 50 hours).
Auto time delay is switched off. Comes with 1 remote end passive test socket.
Remote detection with prompt voice.
Single-board computer software guard dog design and reliable operation.
Self-checking function and automatically compensates for any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature. Simple and easy to use, large LCD screen to display the test results.
Compact, lightweight, easy to carry and use.
High quality, justified with one year.

Technical specifications:
Type of tester Cable: STP / UTP twin twisted cable, coaxial cable, telephone line Tester Tester RJ45 port (M), tester LOOPBACK RJ45 connector (L), remote recognition RJ45 port (R) (BNC and RJ11 converters Not included in the scope of delivery), can be used to measure and verify the continuity of the coaxial cable and telephone line)
Length Measurement of Twin Twisted Cables: Scope: 1 to 350M (3 to 1200 FT) Calibration Calibration Accuracy: 3% (± 0.5 m or ± 1.5 ft) 0.5 m or ± 1.5 ft) (AMP, AT & T Class 5 cable)
Unit: Display in meters (m) or feet (ft) Length calibration: User can selfEichFactor by a given length cable set.
The length of the cable calibration is more than 5M wire sequence and locate cable errors: Check for errors such as idle, short circuit, reverse, cross, or crosstalk
Locate cables: Includes 1 remote end passive test socket
4 x AAA batteries: Powerd
Automatic Time Delay Shut Off Time: The tester is idle for 30 minutes
Working temperature range: -10 ° C to 60 ° C LCD Size: 2.6 "Color: Gray
Product size: 180x80x40mm Product weight: 222g
Package size: 260x222x60mm Package weight: 826G

Package including:
1 x Multi-network cable tester
1 x Far-End Test Jack
1 x instruction manual

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